Tumbled Amethyst


2-3cm individual tumbled Amethyst

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Price is for one 2-3cm piece of tumbled amethyst

Introducing our Tumbled Amethyst, a beautiful and versatile gemstone that brings a touch of tranquillity and emotional balance to your child’s life. With its striking violet hue and smooth, polished surface, this tumbled amethyst is the perfect addition to any collection, whether used as a pocket companion, home décor, or meditation aid.

Amethyst is renowned for its calming and soothing properties, making it an ideal choice for promoting relaxation, alleviating stress, and helping children manage their emotions. Its unique appearance and natural beauty also make it an attractive piece to display or hold, capturing the imagination and providing a sense of comfort.

Our Tumbled Amethyst is a tangible reminder for your child to embrace life’s challenges with serenity and confidence. By incorporating this captivating gemstone into their daily routine or personal space, your little one can benefit from its gentle energy and find solace in its calming presence.

Enhance your child’s emotional well-being and inner peace with our Tumbled Amethyst. Order yours today and give your little gemster the gift of calm and balance.


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